Thursday 4 July 2013


Vacation time is coming up for most people, but I have already come back from mine.

I went to Cambridge, and filled my time with pubs, colleges, punting, museums, crumpets, tea and all the other things you'd imagine doing in there.

But the reason for my post, is the yarn shop in Cambridge, The Sheep Shop. It is a little out of the way, but, as it turns out, well worth the trip. The staff was simply the friendliest, and most service minded I have seen in a long time. After browsing the yarns for a bit I was offered a cup of tea (how British, right?) and a seat where me and some other customers sat and talked for a bit about knitting, yarn and England. It was just lovely. Don't you wish every yarn shop was like that?

They stoked quite a few types of yarn, both the larger brands and some locally made. I found a brand called Sparkleduck, and chose a skein of some type of dark red in the yarn called Galaxy.

The staff at The Sheep Shop told me it was hand dyed right there in Cambridge, witch made me like it even more. There is something special about a yarn made just where you are, somehow. Well, at least it's that way for me. And hand dyed is also an attraction.

The yarn is fingering weight and made of 75% wool, 20% nylon and 5% stellina. (See more at their website.) As you can se in the picture above, there is a little sparkle in the yarn, but is's quite subtle. Most glitter-type yarns are so overdone I don't know what to make with them, but this can be knit into quite a few things without becoming too gaudy.

Now I just have to find the time to use it...

Isn't it tempting? Don't you just want to knit when you see it?

Until next time,
Happy Knitting


  1. Wow, it has been lovely to stumble across your post. Thank you for taking the time to write one, and such a nice one! Really glad you like it here, it was very nice to speak to you, and I hope the rest of your stay was fabulous.

  2. Jupp, the rest of my stay was amazing. And thank you.