Wednesday 10 July 2013

My first pattern

I have made a pattern. I think. It is quite simple, a little bow. But it's a start and we all know it: bow ties are cool.

Apparently the plan of using red yarns worked. I just sat down and forced myself to come up with something to make with one of my red skeins and this is what happened.

I'm a little surprised that it worked and that I came up with something so different from what I've made before. I've never knit a bow before, and I've never knit with beads. So, at least for me it's quite original. (Someone else has probably come up with something similar before, though.)

After making the first one, I made another with another yarn.

I put a pin back one the first one, and a hair bow back on the other one, and they both work equally well.

I put the pin back under the "belt" across the middle so it would sit better on clothing and not be all floppy. That wasn't a problem with the hair bow, though.

I used light wool yarns to make both bows, and all the other details are in the pattern. It's a quick little project, if you should want to make one.

And my little monster does look cool with a bow tie.

Download the pattern in English or Norwegian. (It's completely free.)

Please tell me how the pattern works, if you make one of these bows.

Until next time,

Happy Knitting

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