Thursday 20 June 2013

Winter is coming

Outside the sun is shining, a bee is buzzing and a cat is chasing something unseen through the grass; in short, summer is here. But every summer is a sign of what is to come next, and so, even though I don't live in the same world as the Starks of Winterfell, winter is coming.

In a few months a cold breeze will caress my neck, a leaf will turn to more earthly tones and the weekend music of lawnmowers and hegdeklippers will no longer flow through the neighborhood.

And so I prepare.

The wify wanted something to warm her head and neck, and I knitted a hat and a cowl.

They are knit from this free pattern, with drops eskimo yarn in the shade chili. I used 8 mm needles. It was a nice project and I liked the pattern, and the yarn. I made a small change to the cowl, and used stocking stitch in stead of garter stitch.

I also made this one for her.

This one is also knit from a free pattern, with the yarn drops eskimo, this time with two threads, one in the color purple, and one in plum. I used 10 mm needles for the hat, and 12 mm for the scarf. It came out well, but if I were to make one more, I would have made the scarf longer.

Until next time,

Happy Knitting

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