Wednesday 12 June 2013

Lunch bags

I wanted some reusable lunch bags and found this brilliant pattern on ravelry.

I made two just as the pattern is written. One in the smallest size.

And one medium sized.

I also made two with a slight alteration. I did not make the buttonholes on the lid, and in stead I made small holes around the top of the bag, and thread a cord through. It worked quite well.

Again I made one small.

And one medium sized.

And here they all are, ready to go.

The pattern was a quick knit and a great stash buster. I used some old yarn I had in my stash and the smaller ones took less than half the skein, while the medium ones took a bit less than one skein.

In addition these little bags have so many uses. The small one with buttons is, for instance, a practical skein holder, for those who have the tendency to walk and knit. I just love all multipurpose things, it makes me feel so practical and space saving. Ok, so these little things wouldn't take up to much space anyway, but in general, multipurpose is great for space saving. Not to mention environmentally friendly.

Until next time,

Happy knitting.

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